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Cute as a Button. Cats 2  v.New

Cute as a Button. Cats 2 is a small and probably one of the cutest cat icon collection that you will ever see. It's designed in an ultra cute style inspired by Japanese 'kawaii'. The set contains 6 well crafted icon, at a high pixel rate (256x256),

Graphviz DOT as a DSL for Zest  v.1.0

The goal of this project is to implement the Graphviz DOT language as a DSL for Zest (The Eclipse Visualization Toolkit), both as an input and output format. Additional information is available at:

ExptML: A Markup Language for Science  v.0.2

The Experiment Markup Language (ExptML) is a markup language, in XML, designed to store all the data and metadata (context) from all parts of the scientific process. The format has a central schema that is used by a schema set that defines 26 ...

Log as a Service  v.1.0

LaaS - Log as a Service is another library for logging. All other logging libraries works well, but you find in most projects typically errors or helper classes. This framework wants prevent user for such errors and eliminate helper classes.

A C Language Sudoku Solver  v.13

Another SUDOKU solver written in C language. A console based program that displays step by step how to reach solution of this famous

FUSE filesystem using MySQL as a storage  v.0.4.0

MySQLfs is Linux userspace filesystem which stores data in a MySQL database. It uses FUSE to interface with the

Httpfs: mount a http url as a file  v.

httpfs depends on FUSE. It uses HTTP/1.1 extensions to read arbitrary bytes from a file on a web-server. This is particular interesting for an iso, since it can be investigated (loop device) without actually downloading the whole

Collaboration As A Service Components  v.1.0

We are designing and implementing a suite of collaboration solutions for our users that can be hosted by independent hosting organisations.

Nutty IDE: A Squirrel Language IDE  v.1.0

Nutty IDE is an open-source cross-platform Squirrel Programming Language IDE (Integrated Development Environment) written in C/C++ using wxWidgets.

Swf as a texture node (shared mem) vvvv  v.1.0

this is a project to develop a node in vvvv using the FantastiqUI DLL to load in a swf (flash file) and convert it to a texture, and convert that texture into a shared memory object.

ToSpeak - Learn a new language  v.0.2

ToSpeak is an application designed to help users learn the basic words and phrases of some foreign languages. Activities include flashcards, quizzes, alphabet practice, and hangman. Written in Java with XML and

Castle and things ESL for Children  v.1.0

BOOK 2A – CASTLES AND THINGS is a Children’s English as a Second Language textbook. Includes, PRACTICE BOOK - provides independent work, student book and TEACHER’S GUIDE - glossary and games included

English Lessons for Children 1B  v.1.0

This is the second book in a series of ESL for children’s textbooks. It is written for young children who are learning the second half of the alphabet letter names and their sounds. It allows the children to learn through all five modalities.

Thumbs Up ESL !  v.1.01

Empower yourself, Motivate yourself to learn English as a second language. Learn English to have better access to internationally relevant, well paying jobs. 13 motivational photos to keep you on track and motivated.

Australian mammals: Echidna Challenge  v.1.0

Product Suitability: A teachers resource for Primary school students from Grades 1 through to 6. A reward activity for fast finishing students so they can play but are still learning! A great ESL teaching aid for Students (with English as a Second

LangO  v.ver 5.0

LangOver - What is this software good for, anyway? Have you ever tried to type in one language but the result was in another? Annoying, eh?! Thats because the keyboard layout was in a wrong language. With LangOver youll be able to convert your text

Compose text by letters  v.8

Use you mouse for restore initial text. Online exercises for students of English as a Foreign Language, practicing grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Welcome to the Spanish Language Exercises web page. Language Exercises. Welcome to our website of

TOEFL Exam Training  v.Premier

Test Of English as a Foreign Language(Educational Testing Service) is your premier source for the TOEFL exam preparation.With our TOEFL Training Questions, you can be rest assured that you will be fully prepared to take on your

TransQuery - XSLT as query language  v.1.0

This is a sample implementation of the TransQuery processing model, enabling the use of XSLT as a query language over multiple XML documents. See for more info.

Ceres programming language  v.02

Ceres is an interpreted computer language based on C, that can be used as a script language. Its purpose is to be minimal and simple and it is being developed as a hobby, so do not expect much of it. Its interpreter is written in

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